keith harmon snow on the Rwanda Genocide Gestalt

The author on a three day mission with the FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) on the frontier with Rwanda. c.  keith harmon snow

Understanding the Rwanda Genocide Industry After 30 Years of Propaganda

South African host Jeremy Nell interviews keith harmon snow on the 30th Anniversary of the Rwanda genocide of 1994. The interview delves into the truths and lies about the wars and genocides in Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan; the agents of the West and countries that have backed the Ugandan and Rwandan dictatorships. Keith explores the weaponization of language by the Rwandan Tutsi extremists, and the distortions perpetuated by the extremist Tutsis, western academics, journalists and the mass media (e.g. the New York Times, New Yorker, Democracy Now, Truthout, and TomDispatch). Finally, he address the implications of the falsification of consciousness created by the Rwanda Genocide Industry.

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